Name:  Veronica Amelia Justice

Occupation:  Debutante / Adventurer

Birth Date:  August 12, 1910

Height:  5'4"

Weight:  115 lbs.

Hair:  Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Place of Birth:  New York, NY

When Veronica's mother, Clara Justice, died in 1922, her father, Dr. Abraham Justice, was left to raise the twelve year old on his own.

Putting his medical practice on hold, Dr. Justice took Veronica on a 8-year adventure around the world. It was the best education he could think of for the girl. And Veronica thrived on it.

While her father indulged in his various adventures, Veronica was learning about the people and languages that surrounded her. She also took time to practice her fencing, a sport that fascinated her and learned how to act as hostess for parties that her father occasionally threw.

However, these activities did not always fill all of Veronica's time, and when she got bored, the ever curious girl set out to explore on her own. While most of these minor adventures resulted in no problems, every so often, she would need to be rescued by her father. On one such adventure in Egypt, the 16-year old Veronica, ended up in the hands of a local sheik, determined to make her part of his harem. Fortunately, with the aid of a retired British secret agent, Sebastian Doyle, her father was able to save her. Dr. Justice hired Sebastian to act not only as Veronica's bodyguard, but also to run his household.

As Veronica grew older, she became more and more a part of her father's adventures and when they returned to New York City in 1930, she encouraged his plans to gather a group of associates to help them out.

As an accomplished fencer and adventurer, Veronica is usually able to take care of herself quite well; however, more than once, her curiosity has left her captured and often tied up by the group's foes. Veronica also has had a number of suitors in recent years, but no man is likely to win her heart until she is sure that her father will not be left alone.