Artwork by Kerry Connell

Harry Fenwick's Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Harry Fenwick (real name unknown)

Occupation:  Con Man / Adventurer

Birth Date:  Unknown (~30-35 years old)

Height:  5'10"

Weight:  165 lbs.

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Brown

Place of Birth:  Unknown (likely New York, NY)

The man who today calls himself Harry Fenwick was born somewhere in the New York City area sometime around the turn of the century. He never knew his dad and had only vague memories of his mother, including one of her calling him Harry.

Harry grew up alone on the streets of New York, where he picked up survival tricks from pickpocketing to petty burglary to con games. He was especially fond of the last one and set about learning the art of the con from succession of tutors. As his skills grew, so did his cons' elaborateness. Unlike many con artists, Harry's cons were not just for the money. He often had other motivations like helping friends in need, simply proving he could do it, or occasionally, just having fun.

In the summer of 1931, Harry teamed up with the Friends of Justice when both were tracking down criminals who were swindling little old ladies, including an old friend of Harry's. When the case was solved, thanks largely to creative thinking on Harry's part, Doc Justice asked him to join the group – on the condition that he keep his nose clean, of course.

Harry readily accepted. If for no other reason than he had fallen in love with Veronica at first sight. However, he has not yet revealed his feelings to her and is not likely to until he feels he has proven himself to both her and her father. You know from past experience that you can't con a classy lady like Veronica into loving you; you need to earn her love and respect, honestly.