Artwork by Kerry Connell

Sebastian Doyle's Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Sebastian Alexander Doyle

Occupation:  Gentleman's gentleman
        / Former Spy / Adventurer

Birth Date:  July 11, 1883

Height:  5'11""

Weight:  185 lbs.

Hair:  Brown

Eyes: Brown

Place of Birth:  London, England

Sebastian Doyle grew up in an upper class home in London, England. While well-versed in high society, the young man sought adventure and excitement. At age 16, he ran away from home and joined the British army to help fight in the Boer War.

After that war, Sebastian was chosen to join His Majesty's Secret Service. During the Great War, he served in the Middle East (primarily Turkey and Egypt) and after the war, he was assigned to the Service's Cairo office. In 1924, Sebastian retired from espionage and decided to settle in Egypt, where he worked as a consultant to British and American companies in the region and occasionally to the Service itself.

In 1926 he met and befriended the American doctor and adventurer, Abraham Justice, and his then 16-year old daughter Veronica. When Veronica was kidnapped by a local sheik, Sebastian helped him rescue her and was offered a job as both the girl's bodyguard and manager of Doc's household. Deciding that life with the Justices would be far more exciting than his current work, Sebastian packed up his belongings and joined Doc and Veronica on the final legs of their around-the-world journey, eventually returning to New York with them.

To those who don't know Sebastian's background, he appears to simply be Doc Justice's gentleman's gentleman. But his calm and gentle exterior hides a man who is willing to do what is necessary when the chips are down. Although he is retired from the Service, he still has several contacts within the organization and may occasionally be called upon to help out on a case where his skills are needed.