Artwork by Kerry Connell

Joey Pulzak's Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Josef Stanislaus Pulzak

Occupation:  Mechanic / Driver /

Birth Date:  March 28, 1903

Height:  6'1"

Weight:  230 lbs.

Hair:  Black

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth:  Bronx, NY

Josef Stanislaus Pulzak was born in 1903 in the Bronx. The son of Polish immigrants Stanislaus and Eva Pulzak, young Joey grew up often having to defend himself from bullies who would pick on him because of his background. As a teenager, boxing manager Arnie Flynn recruited Joey to join his stable of fighters. Over the next several years, Joey climbed the ranks of heavyweight fighters and was getting close to shot a title. But it was not to be.

You see, Arnie was compulsive gambler. And he owed a lot of money to gangster Gunther O'Toole. O'Toole was willing to forgive the debt if Joey would take a dive in his next fight against the O'Toole-backed Jake Cutter. Joey refused and went to win the fight.

After the fight, Arnie revealed that when Joey refused to take a dive, he instead sold Joey's contract to O'Toole. Joey was angry and told O'Toole that under no circumstances would he ever box for him. O'Toole relented and release Joey from his contract. But that didn't free Joey from his influence in the boxing world. Joey soon discovered that either he fought for O'Toole or he didn't fight at all. Joey chose not to fight at all.

With his boxing career over, Joey opened a garage. It was there that he first encountered Dr. Abraham Justice, when the latter brought his car in for repairs. Recognizing Joey, Doc offered him a position as driver and mechanic for the Friends of Justice.

Joey is a honest straight-forward guy who can be quick to temper but just as quick to calm down. He loves being able to use his boxing skills to help people in trouble.