Artwork by Kerry Connell

Betsy Barnes' Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Elizabeth Anne Barnes

Occupation:  Stuntwoman / Cowgirl /

Birth Date:  May 31, 1912

Height:  5'7"

Weight:  125 lbs.

Hair:  Red

Eyes: Green

Place of Birth:  Hollywood, CA

Betsy Barnes was the only child of silent screen cowboy and stuntman, Buckin'; Billy Barnes and his wife who died in childbirth. Buckin' Billy raised the girl on his own on his Double B Ranch north of Hollywood. Billy adored his daughter and taught her pretty much everything he knew. And for Billy, that meant riding, roping, shooting, and stunt work. And without a strong female presence, Betsy never really learned how to be a girl. Eventually, she followed in her dad's footsteps and became a stuntwoman in Hollywood.

In 1930, Buckin' Billy Barnes was murdered by his former friend and director, Cliff Conway, who framed Betsy for the deed. Fortunately, Doc Justice and friends were in Hollywood at the time to consult on a movie loosely inspired by one of Doc's Egyptian adventures. Having befriended Betsy who was a stuntwoman on the movie, Doc and company solved the mystery and cleared her name. Betsy decided to accompany the Friends of Justice back to New York.

Betsy is good friends with Veronica Justice, despite the two of them being almost complete opposites. With Veronica's help, Betsy is becoming more feminine, although it can still be a struggle to get her into a dress.