Artwork by Kerry Connell

Doc Justice's Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Abraham Lincoln Justice

Occupation:  Surgeon / Adventurer

Birth Date:  January 3, 1890

Height:  6'3"

Weight:  214 lbs.

Hair:  Brown

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth:  New York, NY

Dr. Abraham Justice was a world-renowned surgeon with a beautiful wife and daughter. Unfortunately, in 1922, Clara Justice, his wife died leaving Abraham with a twelve year old daughter, Veronica, to raise on his own.

Deciding that his daughter needed not only a world class, but also a worldwide education, he and Veronica embarked on a 8-year adventure that took them to the four corners of the globe. While Veronica was learning about the people and languages they encountered, Abraham indulged in hobbies such as archaeology and big game hunting, .

In addition to his planned adventures, Abraham also stumbled onto a number of situations where a man of his accomplishments and with his dedication to justice couldn't help but become involved. And of course, the more involved he became, the more his reputation grew and soon people began to seek out "Doc" Justice as a possible solution to their problems.

Returning to New York City in 1930, Abraham Justice resumed his medical practice on a part-time basis, but also decided to gather together a group of associates to help him on his adventures. Thus, the Friends of Justice (as the New York News and Views named them) were born.

As the leader of the Friends of Justice, Doc Justice believes strongly in fighting in Justice and is loyal to his friends and family. While much of the pain from his wife's death has subsided over the years and Veronica now fully grown, he is still not sure if he is ready to get involved with another woman on a romantic basis.