Friends of Justice is a series of Hero System (Pulp Hero) roleplaying events run by Rod Currie at major gaming conventions across North America. Each year features a new 1930s pulp adventure featuring Dr. Abraham "Doc" Justice and his associates.


Friends of Justice


The current Friends of Justice event was run at Dundracon 35 in San Ramon, CA (February 18-21, 2011) and also at Origins 2011 in Columbus, OH (June 22-26, 2011) and will be run at Gen Con 2011 in Indianapolis, IN (August 4-7. 2011). Here is the description:

Friends of Justice (Pulp Hero)

A cryptic message from his black sheep brother brings Dr. Abraham "Doc" Justice and his intrepid band of associates face to face with a bizarre cult intent on bringing about the end of the world in this 1930s adventure.

Roleplaying is emphasized in all Friends of Justice events.

Contact Rod Currie, creator of Friends of Justice.


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All character artwork for Friends of Justice was created by Kerry Connell. Thanks Kerry.

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