Name:  Duncan Malcolm MacKillop

Occupation:  Scientist / Adventurer

Birth Date:  April 9, 1901

Height:  6'5"

Weight:  155 lbs.

Hair:  Red

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth:  Edinburgh, Scotland

From the time he was a wee lad, Duncan MacKillop loved to take things apart and figure out how they worked. As he grew older, this turned into a general love of the physical sciences and problem solving.

Duncan had another love as well: adventure stories, from the early science fiction of Jules Verne to the swords and sorcery of Robert E. Howard to the jungle adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs. As a result, the young Scotsman was always trying to develop gadgets for a potential adventuring career. Sadly, research responsibilities at the University of Edinburgh kept Duncan from having much time for such endeavors.

But all that changed a few years back, when Doc Justice and his beautiful daughter Veronica were visiting Scotland and ended up recruiting Duncan to help them prove that the caoineag (a Scottish banshee) threatening a highlands village was nothing but scientific trickery. Realizing that Duncan's scientific knowledge complemented his own, Doc invited Duncan to join him, his daughter, and their associates in the adventuring group known as the Friends of Justice. How could Duncan say no? He resigned from the university, packed his lab equipment, and joined the Justices in their return to New York.

These days, when Duncan is not adventuring with Doc and company, he can often be found tinkering with new gadgets in his lab, challenging his intellect with a new game or puzzle, or analyzing the latest baseball statistics, trying to figure out how Doc's beloved Brooklyn Dodgers might be finally able to come out on top.